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I love Outsports and they have some interesting theories about why Michael Sam was cut from the Dallas Cowboys.

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 9.56.15 AM

Very interesting read, but I’m not sure where I fall on the subject. Was Michael Sam cut from the Cowboys because he’s gay? Was he cut because he wasn’t good enough? Did the fact that he’s out play a part in his being cut even if it was just for playing ability? “WE” (and by “WE” I mean the LGBT community) want more out athletes. “WE” make a big deal out of it. “WE” make it a problem, cause, and celebration for the situation. Then “WE” cry foul when the out person fails, is cut, fired or laid off. Is it worth it? I’m not sure…

I just went to the Advocate because they had an article titled:

Everything LGBT at New York Comic Con

Well, was that a disappointment.

Here’s the only picture:

That would be “Everything Gay and Bulging at New York Comic Con” wouldn’t it?
These shots seem more appropriate. You’re welcome.
Bonus points for anyone who can name who’s kissing who in the first pic.
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You could bring up the current list of worst countries in the world.

  • Somalia : Homosexuality illegal, punished by imprisonment
  • Sudan : Homosexuality is illegal, punished by imprisonment
  • South Sudan : Homosexuality is illegal, punished by 10 years imprisonment
  • Chad : Passed a law last year calling for the repression of Homosexuality for the protection of the family
  • Yemen : Homosexuality Illegal (based on Shari’a law). Punishment ranges from flogging to death,
  • Afghanistan : Homosexuality is punishable by death
  • Zimbabwe : Homosexuality is illegal and actively persecuted by the government.
  • Iraq : Was recently decriminalized, but the culture carries out honor killings against Homosexuals regularly
  • Pakistan : Homosexuality is illegal
  • Guinea : Homosexuality is illegal and punished with 5-10 years
  • Nigeria : Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by 14 years in prison

Since these countries all have the “right” attitudes towards homosexuality, why are they rated among the worst countries in the world in pretty much every metric? Standard of living, corruption, education, violence, etc etc etc.

Compare this list to those who are at the top of the world index …

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Canada

Google their stances on gay rights and you’ll see the trend in the opposite direction, very accepting and legal in most cases.


I have just finished a delightful week with my mother. She came to visit from Dallas. She is 80.

When my mother comes to visit we always go to gardens and authentic Italian restaurants. Things she enjoys and things they don’t have in Dallas. She in turn always brings me something. Sometimes it’s a wool scarf to keep me warm in winter. Sometimes it’s canned or dried Ancho chilies so I can make Mexican food. She is very thoughtful that way.

This visit she brought me the original receipt from the trumpet I played all through high school and college. She also brought me 2 black lights.

I thanked her because I’m a good daughter, but the black lights threw me off a bit. My mom is sharp as a tack. She walks every day and does water aerobics to keep fit, so I’m wondering why she would bring me two black lights. When I asked she said she “just had them” and thought “I could use them.” Moms are sweet that way.

Here is a list of things I can do with my new black lights:

Identify US currency with fluorescent counterfeit strip.

Pet stain and human waste detection (I was a little insulted with that inference)

Turn my house into a club and stamp everyone’s hand with a black light ink.

Scorpion detection?!

Find golf balls at night…I do have a wicked slice.

All in all it was a wonderful visit and I look forward to seeing my Mom again soon in a scorpion, feces free, golfball infested disco house.



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