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I was just writing about her new book, , wasn’t I…and what I suspected all along looking at those jacket covers is just plain true. Patricia Cornwell is a lesbian. Well, that settles that now doesn’t it.

From the

The famed crime novelist has kept us spellbound with her fiction. Now she’s telling her truth-as a happily married lesbian who’s speaking out for equal rights…

“I’ll tell you something very interesting,” says Patricia Cornwell, fixing me with her Carolina-blue eyes. We’re sitting in the living room of a bird’s-eye suite on the 53rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Manhattan, not far from the author’s own Hudson River-view apartment. “Many years ago I was at a dinner sitting next to Billie Jean King, and we were talking about this very issue, about being gay. And I said, ‘Well, to me, it’s a very private matter; I never deny it if I’m asked, but I don’t go around talking about it.’ She said, ‘Wait until you turn 50. You’ll feel different.’

“Well, I’ll be 52 in June, and she’s absolutely right,” Cornwell continues. “I don’t know what it is about turning 50, but a lot of things don’t matter as much anymore.” (Read the full article here)


  1. Isn’t that cool. I love her books. When I read it in the advocate I was like yippee.

    hostess: Very cool…I’ve always had a “thing” for her (ah…books)…I loved her interview with Diane Sawyer. Man, those steel eyes…

  2. My straight friends said I was crazy when I called this years ago. They said I think every woman I have the slightest attraction to is gay. I told them that’s because I’m attracted to gay women.

  3. She is HOT!!!

  4. Hey guys!!
    Patricia Cornwell’s Book of the Dead was just picked by LOGO as a Best Summer Listen. The list has a bunch of other cool books and we can download other best-selling gay & lesbian audiobooks straight to our iPod from this site – Check it out!

  5. Well what more can i say I LOVE YOU PATSY :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I truly love Patricia’s novels. I have had a few experiences similar to her when I was in Law Enforcement. I feel so relaxed when I read one of her novels. To know that someone else has gone through some tough times because of their gender and the harrassment that can be endured by being a female officer. I hope other women that have had anything from discrimination to sexual harrassment will take a stand. I have been through alot in the last few months, when I spoke up and said that I have been sexually harrassed by a sergeant. believe by reading these novels has also help me reassure myself that I have done the right thing. Christy North Carolina

  7. I always thought she was because she talks in a deep like mannish voice.

  8. My brother Tim dated Patricia when they attended Davidson College in the late 70’s. He has fond memories of her, and nobody ever had a bad thing to say about her.
    The fact that she is in a same sex marriage is nobody’s business but hers. I don’t have to go around explaining why I am straight. Why should she (or anyone) be made to feel that they have to explain why they are gay?
    It’s ridiculous that any American should have to fight for the rights that they already have. Live and let live.

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