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Cat Cora is the first female American Iron Chef. In addition to being a television personality, she is also an executive chef, philantrophist, lesbian, mother and one sexy woman. She is an out and proud lesbian who lives with her partner Jennifer and their sons Zoran and Caje.

I love to watch her cook.

Hey…Remember her sous chef?

None other than Elizabeth Falkner…yep, she’s a lesbian also.

Am I making you hungry for more?

Here’s part of the Cat Cora article on After Ellen:

Food Network star Cat Cora, 40, is all of these things, but it is the latter descriptor that still comes as a surprise to many of her fans. Although the celebrated chef has mentioned her partner in interviews since early 2005, she has kept a fairly low profile about it, often simply referring to Jennifer, 36, as “my partner” or “better half,” or using the nonspecific term “we.”

…But in the Nov. 19th issue of People magazine, Cat posed with Jennifer and their two sons in front of a Thanksgiving dinner spread, making her sexual orientation known to millions of Americans. (Cat Cora Turns Up The Heat)

And here’s an excerpt from’s Top Lesbian Chefs on Elizabeth Falkner:

James Beard-nominated Elizabeth Faulkner, of TV and cruiseship fame, (wo)mans this hip patisserie/restaurant/bar ( — a showcase for sugar explosions, avant-garde pastry and caramelized teeter totters. Specializing in architecturally- and pop culturally-inspired desserts, this art school graduate wants you to enjoy fabulous entrĂ©es but leave room for a hefty portion of Retro Tropical Shag or Mocha Mi Su — a couple of her architecturally ambitious and sumptuously delicious cakes. (’s Top Lesbian Chefs.)


  1. i didnt even know this show was still on, but very cool for her being iron chef

  2. I’m a big cooking fan and I love the food network. I didn’t know that Cat was a lesbian.

    I tagged you on my blog.


  3. I saw these 2 battle it out the other night in kitchen stadium. It was pretty cool. Cat won by like 1 point. :o)

    hostess: I haven’t seen them compete against each other…I’ll have to keep an eye out for that episode!

  4. Hi,

    I didn’t know IronChef Cora was a lesbian. Happy for her! I was googling Chef Elizabeth Faulkner and came upon your site… As I write this I’m watching it once again, I love Iron Chef…

  5. She’s a very respectable woman. She carries herself very confidently which any competitor needs but carries a very feminine quality that hasn’t been seen on Iron Chef before.

  6. my gf is a culinary arts student and i think that women like these too give her the extra edge she needs..she wants to be just as successful as they are and just as down to earth….these 2 women have the right kind of success…without losing the awesomeness behind them

  7. I really felt there was a lot of sexual tension, or at least, a past romantic history when I saw these two the other day on television. I don’t normally watch TV but Chef Faulkner had me hooked that day! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her!

    • I had to go watch it and I didn’t see that at all. ALL women are competitive with other women in all aspects of life. I didn’t see any tension between them at all

  8. Sad. And sick. So sorry. Your children will be so conficted.
    I have no feeling for you, but I am so sorry for your cildren.

    • You are sick and sad! I hope you realize the bible is about controlling innocent minds!

  9. Sad. So sorry. I have no feelings for you but your children came into this world without any choice. What a sad world you offered them. One with a sad family. Wait till these children try to get married. Do you think the average person is going to say ” Oh well, they had two Mommies. Nothing strange about that. Hey, let’s get together for dinner and you and your parents can meet my folks.” So will girls think they are marrying straights or gays; will guys think they are marrying striaghts or gays? Who knows? Will they know? What a sad situation to put innocent people into.

    • I am sad for you that your children are being raised in such an intolerant home. Wait until one of your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids tries to come out to you. Then what?

        • oldmaryjane
        • Posted June 9, 2011 at 9:08 pm
        • Permalink

        With narrow-minded, ignorant people like yourself in this world, it’s no wonder that bullying is tolerated at all levels of society. Don’t feel sorry for this couple’s (and other same-sex couples’) children . . . feel sorry for your own who will grow up to be narrow-minded, intolerant indviduals with no clue about how the world really is. God help any of your family members (or those of your dearest friends) who are gay, because, honey, it is scientifically proven that this is not a choice, but something you’re born with. Cat Cora’s kids will be just fine because they will be taught to accept EVERYBODY and not judge people based on their religion, color, sexual orientation, etc. God says to love EVERYONE . . . not just the straights, the whites, the Christians . . . EVERYONE.

    • Huh???? Who wrote this ignorant, rambling diatribe? Sarah Palin? Seriously?? How will her kid introduce their moms to prospective in-laws??? Wow.

  10. I am so very happy for her happiness. To me, that’s all that matters. And I LOVE how she cooks. She is the absolute BEST!

  11. I love Iron Chef, and Cat is one of my favorites. I wish her and her family the very best.

  12. I loved her before I found out, and I love her still now. She’s an awesome chef and I’m so glad she has a wonderful family.

  13. That really blows my mind! Both of them swore to me they were on the pill.Hope they never do a dna on us.I’ll never get thru paying for those babies!

  14. Elizabeth is an amazing Chef, with great talent. Cora’s cuisine has always been inspired, successful, brilliant too

  15. Chef Faulkner is one amazing female! At this moment, she is competing on television to become the Next Iron Chef, and I cannot imagine anyone more qualified. She has more confidence and creativity than most of us have in our little fingers. It’s a joy to watch her cook. She goes at it with abandon.

    Although I am not a lesbian, I don’t care what Elizabeth is, as long as she’s happy. In my humble opinion, one of the keys to achieving a better world is for each one of us to be happy with who we are and tolerant of others who aspire for the same freedom. All the best, Elizabeth!

  16. Love Iron Chef…love good chef’s…Homosexuality and cooking have no cause and effect. Not sure what the blog is suggesting?

  17. I am a straight man and a chef. Both are inspiring. And I hope Elizabeth wins. I have to be honest. I struggle with the whole gay family thing. But getting better about it.
    Both are worthy and formidable. In fact I think Liz is cool and would love to cook with her.

  18. The children will probably be fine. But as a man that believes that being a good father to my children is the most important thing I do in life, it is a little difficult for me to accept the whole “fathers are optional” thing.

    • Don’t accept it. Never buy into matter how often a lie is uttered!

  19. I knew Elizabeth was gay, duh…but did not know about Cat. I am not gay, I am a Christian and sorry for the thoughtless and unfruitful comments of one of the women. I am only glad she didn’t blame her attitude on Christ. He came to love and teach us to love. I don’t endorse homosexuality or the forced teaching of any sexual lifestyle to any young child and my political views may differ, but I think we’re all just people with feelings, dreams and goals and I know God loves all of us the same. He is a covenant and loving God. I didn’t turn out racist, even though I was raised in a heavily peppered family of racists though they tried to deny it. I know there is hope for all of us to learn PLUR no matter where we come from. I really wanted Faulkner to win, she is cool and Cora is one of my faves. It will be neat to see where she ends up; she can write her own check now! Thanks for allowing me to post.

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