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It has come to your Hostess’ attention that there is a disproportionate number of male streakers at sporting events. I’ve got nothing against the male physique. I find the new ads for using David Beckham very tantilizing…

…but as a lesbian I feel that more women need to get nude at these events. The Phillies seem to be lacking what it takes to get the Pendant, so why can’t your Hostess see some other action on the field.

I have in fact found the perfect night for this…The 6th Annual Gay Night At The Phillies

They will play the Nationals on Tuesday August 19th, at 7:05pm.

Your Hostess will be there wearing clothes until the 7th inning stretch. At that time, if no one has come forward and run across Citizen Bank Park’s infield, your Hostess will “take one for the team“.

I will have someone (I’m guessing my girlfriend will not volunteer) write in permanent marker on my butt this blog’s web address…I have been blessed with “birthing hips” so the long web address will not be a problem. On the front will just be “The Outskirts” one word for each boob. I can modestly say I have a “nice rack” (the metrosexuals at the office have broken many office protocols and harassment laws to tell me this when I wear a “snug” fitting sweater) so I have proof.

I am saving up funds now for bail. Feel free to send me a check if you want to contribute.

Come to the game…cheer me on…


  1. don’t forget to take pics on that grand day in August – share now.

    hostess: zoom and wide angle lenses at the ready…

  2. I would do it. Run around the field in the buff. But I don’t want to get tackled with no cloths on. That would happen. Ouch.

    hostess: dinner on me, if you do it…but you’re right…you’ve got to move fast to keep ahead of the “fuzz”.

  3. You should put me on speed dial–I can be the lawyer to the lesbian streaker. Yippee!!

    Also, sweets, if you can really fit the word “Outskirts” on ONE boobie so that it is visible to the watching audience, you will get some great publicity. That is one heck of a rack!


    hostess: you are officially my lawyer, T…if I had that big a rack, I wouldn’t be hiding behind a computer…I’d be in front of a porn camera! Make a note to bring an extra set of clothes to the jail, maybe I’ll get my big chance with the girls there…

  4. That’s one baseball game I just might watch… Good luck!

    Legalwise, the news is full of reports of men streaking and winding up with big fines, possible jail time, and permanent status as a sex offender. Streaking used to be harmless fun, now it’s a serious crime, apparently.

    Kinder and gentler nation, right.

    Check out Not a whole lot there for the LGBT community specifically, but lots of posts about political/social issues relating to the nudist/naturist lifestyle.

    Have fun at the ball game!

    hostess: I’ve got a lawyer…her name is “T” that rhymes with “P” that hopefully stands for pretty f*cking good lawyer if I do thru with it. In the meantime I’ll check out your website. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I’m thinking you may never be tackled. I’m thinking they may let you run around all day like that. Something tells me the average sports fan won’t be so offended by a hot naked chick. I know I wouldn’t be ;o)

    hostess: wow…with compliments like that, I’m definitely gonna run the bases…

  6. *!My first Phillies game and I get to see a sister running around (in the)buff and for a great cause!* Is this a dream?
    If I have enough beer during the game I can be (easily) convinced to be your tight end [wrong sport, but couldn't pass up]and ward off oncoming tackles!
    ((I would necessitate underwear… too much of a germaphobe!))

    hostess: you can wear whatever you want, just so you stop me from getting a turfburn from some hairy guy…you’re hired. We’ll have to settle up on payment later since I won’t be wearing any pants…

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