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Hollywood star Salma Hayek PinkNews: Sky News anchor Eamonn Holmes has accidentally outed Hollywood star Salma Hayek as lesbian.

Interviewing her for This Morning, which he hosts once a week, he was struggling to understand her accent, when he inquired at her surname: ” ‘Hayek doesn’t sound very Mexican.” She responded by saying that she was half Lebanese.

“You’re a lesbian?” he responded, thinking she was coming out.

“No – Leb-an-ese”, she said slowly, spelling it out for him.

“‘Oh sorry, i thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me.”

In 2007, Penelope Cruz laughed off the idea of a lesbian affair with Hayek, who the same year was named by The Hollywood Reporter as the fourth most powerful Latino actors.

She has also been named Hollywood’s “sexiest celebrity” in a major poll.

One Comment

  1. How dump and stupid a person could be to mistake the word lebanese for lesbian, I mean from what uncultured un evolved society does the creature Eamonn Holmes come, from what primitve race does this racist nazi descend ? what a cheap shot to repeat a silly joke once told on the “golden Girls” what a deficient immagination.

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