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truck For Carol Watkins, life in the driver’s seat of an 18-wheel truck opened up roads and worlds she never thought she would experience.

“It’s like I’m on a paid vacation sometimes,” says Watkins, who recently returned to her hometown of Chapel Hill, Tenn., after delivering a haul to Canada.

“I’ve seen parts of the country that I would’ve never been able to afford to visit if I wasn’t on the road,” she says.

Watkins, who first started driving trucks in 1971 and returned in 1999 after raising two children, previously worked on the shipping-and-receiving side of the trucking industry.

But she says nothing beats the freedom of the open road.

There are numerous professional perks for gay truck drivers who race up and down America’s highways each day and see every part of the country while potentially making more than $1,000 per week.

For some gay male truck drivers in particular, the profession also provides a nationwide network of anonymous sex and the admiration of “truck chasers” — men who cruise highway rest stops and Internet trucking groups looking to fulfill their “trucker stud” fantasies.

But life in the fast lane can be tough, according to several gay truckers who say that they and their colleagues regularly struggle with loneliness and poor health.

“It’s a hard living; it’s a really hard living,” says Scott Langley, a driver who retired after 11 years as part of a road team with his partner, Tim Page. The pair owns two trucks driven by two gay male teams.

“You’re away from home for weeks at a time, you don’t have a social life and you find yourself alone when you’re a single driver,” Langley says. “But sometimes it makes it even harder when it’s a team and you’re with that person for long periods of time.

“When somebody first goes out on the road, within the first week they know whether they’re cut out for it,” Langley says.

Timothy Anderson started trucking in Alaska during his early 20s. He was drawn to the profession by the freedom and independence it provided.

“I could never figure out where I wanted to live on the West Coast, and trucking allowed me to avoid making that decision by waking up someplace different everyday,” says Anderson, president of the Gay Trucker’s Association.

Some two decades later, Anderson says that his independence came at a cost.

“Your friends’ lives keep going while you’re on the road, and I became very much isolated within the trucking culture to the point where all of my friends were truck drivers,” Anderson says.

Truck drivers were among the earliest and most loyal fans of the “Derek & Romaine Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio’s gay channel, Out Q, teaching host Romaine Patterson about the varied interests and exploits of gay and lesbian truckers.

“I think the hardest thing gay and lesbian truckers face is that being in a truck for such long periods is very hard on any type of relationship,” Patterson says.

“There are definitely the truckers who enjoy the ‘pickle park’ with the best of them, but the calls that really stand out in my mind are from the ones who are really having a hard time meeting other truckers and friends while out on the road,” she adds.

IN ADDITION TO regular bouts of loneliness, gay and lesbian truck drivers also have to deal with being stereotyped, Anderson says.

“I’m not sure who gets the worst rap —whether it’s the typical dyke image lesbian drivers usually get, or the trucker stud image that a lot of gay porn seems to enforce, and that’s not necessarily accurate either,” he says.
But the popular image of gay trucker drivers searching for —and finding —anonymous sexual partners along their routes accurately describes Langley and Page’s experience, Langley says.

“Every rest area we went to, we were being cruised by some guy, or were cruising somebody ourselves,” Langley says. “The cruising is quite active and probably more active now than it’s ever been. … it’s not talked about, and people don’t even like bringing it up.”

But Langley says the reluctance to talk about cruising among gay truck drivers is belied by the popularity of his and Page’s Web site, (continue reading)


  1. Hello! I am a single lady who love have a ride in a truck and little to stories about the obstacle trucks face and experiences. This are the guy that make our world great

  2. Hey know anyone travel I10 that would like company for a night. Can you pass my email and name I’m bi guys and girls be fun and long as clean


    • There are several companies that will train you at no cost but you have to work for them a certain amount of time or you pay for your training. The best training school I have run across is US Express. I have been a trainer for 2 companies myself. If you have any questions you can contact me at or 615-415-9553. Most of my friends call me Chip. My CB handle is Chipmunk.

  4. Hey all. I will be getting my CDL in about 5 months. Where do you start looking for a partner? I’m hoping to find out if I have to find them or will they find me? Does it take any special tricks or signs to give the signal that I am looking? Thanks for any replies.

  5. I’m in Humble, TX. looking for any gay truckers that are horny. I would love to have hot sex in your truck if you are stopping in Humble. I’m a hot white 30yo guy very good looks and body to match. I can be reached at

  6. i’m a retired over the road trucker who would love to be able to ride the big road again with someone. i’m single 56 y/o on disability due to my diabeties and i am gay. would love to help you on the long haul i can give full body rub downs and i mean full body. if your company will let you have a rider and ur also gay-bi whatever hollow at me would love to help you unload ur LOAD

  7. Is there any gay truckers out there that would be willing to take an ex-trucker on the road with him,im disabled (diabeties) they wont let me drive anymore. i will be like a puppy dog, warm cuddlely, housebroken tho lol, be great company for you, snuggle next to u in bed. help with the load, truck load or cock load, im 56y/o and want to go over the road one more time,thank you,ken

  8. Looking for a way to let male truckers know I am interested in providing pleasure to them as they drive down the road. Not sure how to express that as I pass them on the highway. Is there a hand signal or something I can do to let them know if they pull into a rest area and would like me to pleasure them sexually I can let them know?

    • did you find anything out i want to do the same thing email me any info you have

  9. Sorry, didn’t read the information posting correctly. My email address is attached here if you want to contact me. I am a male age 55. Clean, nice looking and experienced.

  10. Hi, 62yo nj bottom very oral here looking for young truck drivers. yahoo is or messenger. skype is cumdrinker1948, hope to hear from you! elliott

  11. Looking for a lesbian trucker driver, wld love to learn to drive and be a team. always loved semis, thought it wld be the best job in the world, but was always talked out of going. I’m 54 and a bbw, but would love to learn any way. heres my email: hope to hear from u hot truckn gals :-)

  12. I’m a retired guy living near I-94 close to Eau Claire , Wi. I would like to make contact with truckers passing throught this area. What’s the best way to do that? thanks

  13. First time to read about gay and lesbian truckers,quite tough job,yeah full of loneliness when your faraway to cities.Well,all i can say just enjoy the moment guys.

  14. Any truckers headed to Miami Florida, Doral Florida or Hialeah Florida. I’m looking for evening fun with heavier, hairy truck drivers. Never been in an 18 wheller.

  15. I think its repulsive tht a man cant b a real man and a woman cant b a real woman that is a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I have only been on the road for 7 months. I do love being free out seeing things cross country that I would never of seen. However, lonelyness and sleepless nites are things that make me wanna go home. But my friends at home have all moved on with their own lifes and I have barely meet any truckers. The few I have meet don’t travel my normal route nor are they lesbians. Another issue I face is I team drive with another driver, an older driver who sex lol is an unspoken issue to her. I’m a normal woman with needs but very choosy who I’m with cause of deseases and all. I have taken to maustrabatin in the shower finding no other release
    I’d love to find one or two play mates along the road first as friends then playmates. One can only play alone for si long.

  17. Thanks for your site and a place to share.

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