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HollywoodTuna: I thought after Zena was canceled we’d never see Lucy Lawless again. And I was wrong apparently, because here she is in some show called “‘The Pleasuredome” dressed in various revealing outfits. Yes, that’s the ‘Warrior Princess’ in a schoolgirl outfit.

Lucy Lawless welcomed a mostly lesbian crowd to The Pleasuredome over the weekend. There she gave an inspired performance involving school girl outfits and not so school girl outfits. The show’s press release explains it as:

“The Pleasuredome” brings the audience into a world of sex, drugs, temptation and redemption, about which, Lawless says,”I don’t know why, but I do ‘Bad-Girl’ really well.” She further states, “My fans always enjoy a tale of redemption…with a heapin’ helpin’ of Wickedness along the way.”

Click on the gallery to see more photos…


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