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I’ve been gone so long that I forgot my password to get on my own blog. After going through all the dead animals names and various anniversaries and birthdays I finally hit the right combination. I could write said password down, but then I wouldn’t spend over 45 minutes stumbling down dead-pet memory lane.

In other news:

From the picture below this film looks horrible ( as are most LGBT themed movies that forget to include any other plot besides an LGBT one) but they say it’s X-rated and a classic, so I thought you should know.

X-rated lesbian love play The Killing of Sister George comes to Little Theatre

A CONTROVERSIAL landmark play is set to take to the stage in Doncaster this week.

The Killing Of Sister George, which premiered in the West End in 1964, will be staged at the Little Theatre from Thursday until Saturday.

The play, which Frank Marcus intended to be a farce, was considered to be a ground-breaking and serious study of lesbianism and the film version of the story was given an X-rating when it was released in the United States.

The production is the first in the theatre’s series of classic plays showcasing the fifties and sixties. At the time, The Killing of Sister George was considered a daring exploration of a lesbian relationship between the play’s two key characters.

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  1. If you were to break into my house you would find a long list of user names and passwords taped to my desk. Dangerous, but necessary as you age.

    I used to go to a lot of gay themed plays. I finally realized that it was just an excuse for bad actors to run around nude in front of strangers.

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