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In the final moments when the earthquake hits or the mothership lands there will be regrets.

But what about exactly?

Jezebel: A Harris Interactive poll commissioned by California online data-storage company Backblaze found that one in five Americans is genuinely concerned that the world will come to an end this Friday. We have to take the this with a huge grain of salt because it’s in no way a real survey, but still: Damn.

The online survey of 3,036 adult Americans this month asked about their end-of-world regrets too:

One in 4 men said they would regret not having more sex if the world does end. Only 1 in 10 women expressed the same sentiment.

Really? Only one in ten women? Interesting, because my plans are to eat and fuck my way to Friday. If you need me, I’ll be knee-deep in a giant banana cream pie. Make of that what you will.

Apparently nearly 70 percent are worried about losing digital copies of family photos if the lights go out permanently on Friday. Which, I can think of bigger concerns if the lights go out permanently, but we’ll cross that road when we come to it.

For what it’s worth, NASA says “Dec. 21, 2012, won’t be the end of the world as we know, however, it will be another winter solstice.” But really, are you going to trust NASA? WTF do those idiots know? Pass!

BTW above art is titled Apocalypse Meow. You’re welcome.



  1. Awesome. Does this mean that lines will be 20% shorter at the mall on Saturday? Now there’s a good rumor to spread.

  2. I regret not having more sex, whether the end of the world comes or not. Especially back in the 1970’s when it was readily available to me, and the only thing I could catch was crabs, clap, and good old fashioned syphilis. Ah, the good old days.

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