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I like to think of Pennsylvania as Pittsburgh on the west side and Philadelphia on the east, with Kentucky in the middle. What this means is that it will be very hard to ever get Gay Marriage passed in our fair state commonweath.

Or so I thought…


HuffingtonPost: The Kentucky Equality Federation (KEF) is petitioning to alter the commonwealth’s Civil Rights Act of 1966, amending it to include protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. The LGBT advocacy organization has launched a petition, which currently has over 800 signatures, in support of the effort via

“The continued pursuit of equality ordinances throughout the commonwealth is not a logical use of time, resources, and skills of equality advocates and their allies,” stated KEF Chairman of the Board Brandon Combs. “With 120 counties and 15 major cities in Kentucky, if we get one local equality ordinance a year, it will take over a century to achieve equality, but this doesn’t include smaller cities and unincorporated areas of the Commonwealth.”

The KEF’s president Jordan Palmer echoed the same sentiments.

“Local ordinances are a waste of time and they don’t do any good,” he told Huff Post Gay Voices. “Amending just one law to add sexual orientation or gender identity will change it all…We’re not against these city ordinances, but we would like unity.”

Palmer added that the KEF has been trying to amend the act since 2005. “It’s so simple to just change one law. We’ve been trying for years, but we just can’t get it passed,” he said. “People are screaming about the sovereignty. If you want to protect sovereignty, then change this one law.”

Combs said he believes the atmosphere hasn’t changed much since 2005, but Kentucky is nonetheless advancing.


  1. I hate all this gay marriage stuff. It may be fine for some, but keep it to yourselves. Every time one of these stories comes on the television, Mark gives me that look. Like, when are you going to propose?

    I was stuck in State College Pa. for five days in 1971. It didn’t seem like Kentucky. More like a big hippie, drugged out, party place.

    • That’s different…State College is just a zip code for Penn State University. Kind of like me going to Texas A&M and saying I hung out in College Station.
      The real question was did you drink or sleep with townies while you were there?

      • Yes. My Volkswagon micro-bus broke down on I-80 and I stayed with some nice college kids in their rented house for the five days. The micro-bus never was repaired. I sold it for $100 and hitchhiked back to our hippie commune in Iowa.

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