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Yesterday was the day we immortalized old, dead, white men, again. Here’s my favorite celebration by far:


Well another President’s Day is here and I have to admit, the President’s Tree that Mark put up is lovely. We opted for an artificial tree this year because a real tree is so damn messy what with the leaves dropping constantly. Maybe if they figure out how to keep a chopped down cherry tree alive for a week or more we’ll forgo the fake one next time. Mark has made the traditional holiday treat of cherry pie, and I procured some Lincoln Pecan Log Rolls. Those pecan log rolls are not an easy item to come by here in South Florida. The nearest Stuckey’s is in Yeehaw Junction. That’s a two hundred and seventy mile round trip, but it’s worth it to have a traditional, authentic President’s Day. We all got up early this morning to open our President’s Day bribes. It was lovely seeing all the packages wrapped in plain brown paper under the tree, but within minutes they were all ripped open and scattered across the floor. I got Mark a framed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. He seemed to really appreciate it. As for my President’s Day bribe, I got a DVD of some of my favorite Presidential moments. It has Nixon doing his choppy little wave as he climbs aboard Marine One for the last time. It also has one of my real favorites of all time, Clinton looking seriously into the camera and saying “I did not have sex with that woman.” A real classic now that we know what a great actor he was. Speaking of actors, I forgot all about getting Mark the special gift he requested. A copy of the New York Times with the ‘Obama Wins’ headline. Oh well, let’s just call that my Reagan moment.

No, none of that really happened. It’s just a nightmare I had that I think could actually come to be some day. After all, there is that long gap between Valentine’s Day, and Easter when nobody is out shopping for useless stuff. Besides, you knew it wasn’t true when you read that Mark “seemed to really appreciate” the gift I got him.

Thanks to Alan, Alicia and the gang at AlanWorld

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  1. I am honored.

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