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Paula Deen Cruise, a.k.a. Titanic For Racists, Adds Additional Voyage

My girlfriend loves the Barefoot Contessa–so much so that when we hold dinner parties our friends call me Jeffery, her husband. We’ve never been a fan of Paula Deen, though.

First, her accent is pure shit and shinola. My mother comes from a small Georgia town and has that Southern mountain drawl, but Paula pours it on like lard on a cast-iron skillet. Secondly, of course, is that all her recipes start by pouring lard on a cast-iron skillet.

With all that has surfaced about her apparent classism and racism I was surprised to find a Paula Deen Cruise on Jezebel. I can only imagine that if you are the right class, and race you can have a wonderful time nibbling deep-fried delicacies whilst the help serves Mint Julips circa 1856.

The annual Paula Deen Cruise has tacked on an additional voyage for summer 2014 thanks to high demand.

“Due to so many requests from Paula’s fans in the past we are actually planning two cruises for 2014 and look forward to both. It’s always an amazing time with Paula, her family and fans. If she goes — we go.”

And though it’s not due out until October, advance orders propelled Deen’s cookbook, “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up,” shot to #18 on Wednesday on the online bookseller

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  1. Mark has used Paula Deen’s cook books on occasion. The recipes have never worked for him. I told him that she probably, purposely leaves out one key ingredient or step so nobody can recreate her stuff perfectly. He doesn’t believe that because he is/was enamored with her. As a black man he is torn about liking the nice southern lady. But I pointed out to him that he never heard that twangy voice bossing him around in an antebellum plantation kitchen. That wouldn’t have been so sweet.

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