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Tig Notaro Credit Robert Chamberlin

Jezebel: Because she’s a dream maker, Tig Notaro is doing something different for her upcoming Showtime documentary: she is coming to your house to be funny right in front of you, instead of on a TV screen.

You can go to for a chance to get Notaro to come to your house to do stand-up. Notaro wants just a bit of information from you, i.e. how special or weird is your house and would it be funny if she were to perform there:

“We want to know who you are and where you live, we want to know who you would invite to the show, and we want you to tell us why you would be the ideal host for a Tig Notaro performance. Finally, we want to know where you would ask Tig to perform; all ideas are welcome! Tig is game to play in barns, in basements, on rooftops, in living rooms. Or at a back yard BBQ, or a dysfunctional family reunion, or even a Friday night open bar on your front porch. Tig will pick her favorite locations, hit the road, and put on a great show.”

Notaro begins filming in August. Hopefully Taylor Dayne will host a set at her home and that Tig will be very present at all performances.

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One Comment

  1. I will invite her to come entertain poolside with Alicia as hostess.

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