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I love Ellen but she did a bad thing when she took that “selfie” pic at the Oscars. Now everyone thinks they are a celebrity and they want to show me a picture of themselves and their bestie doing something I don’t give two sh*ts about.

Facebook used to have great cat videos and pics of people’s dogs and kids looking adorable. Now I just have to see grownups in nut-hugger pants after they just finished their half-triathlon benefiting no charity and helping no organization.

I see an average adult every day when I look in the bathroom mirror. I have no desire to see them staring back at me on my mobile phone.

Bring back “tiny hamster eating tiny burrittos”. Overwhelm me with “dog sleeping” and “cat in box” pics.

I hate to tell you, but you’re just not that pretty or interesting…

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  1. That’s just Paul Bocuse plating a dish. Too bad the rodent got to it before it could be served to the customer.

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