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After announcing that she was gay, a Sarajevo student says she was verbally abused by a librarian in the Philosophy faculty while her companion was physically attacked by a nurse.

BalkinInsight: Lamija Topcagic, a student of philosophy in Sarajevo, says she was verbally abused by the faculty librarian during an argument over whether she could donate blood, a gay  association Okvir announced on Thursday.

During a voluntary blood donation at the faculty on April 19, students were given forms to fill in before they donated blood.

Three students, Lamija Topcagic, Nedzmina Seta and Amar Numanovic, noted that in the section entitled “Person who should not give blood”, it included “persons who have occasional or permanent sexual contacts with homosexuals”.

Okvir said that since the students considered this wording discriminatory, they went to speak to the Dean who said the faculty had nothing to do with the content of the forms.

Meanwhile a male nurse reportedly physically attacked Amar Numanovic and a librarian in the faculty called all three students “drug addicts” and “failed students”.

When Topcagic told the librarian she was not a drug addict but a lesbian, and the form for blood donation violated her rights, he answered: “If you were my child, I would kill you instantly,” and continued with other insults, Okvir said in a press release.

Meet The Miss California Pageant's Lesbian Contestants

Jezebel: Jenelle Hutcherson, 26, and Mollie Thomas, 19, didn’t win the Miss California USA competition this weekend, but they made history by being the first two openly gay contestants in the 60-year-old competition. Two years ago a certain Miss California caused a huge controversy when she advocated for “opposite marriage,” and Keith Lewis, co-executive of the contest, excitedly declared that he intended this year’s pageant be “bigger and reflect the progressive attitudes of the contestants.” Both young women said they entered the pageant to promote LGBT acceptance. 22-year-old Natalie Pack took home the title, so unfortunately the Miss USA pageant won’t feature Hutcherson in a tux or Thomas telling the audience she’s “running for equality.”

Craig Zadan Neil Meron X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COM

TheAdvocate: Craig Zadan and Neil Meron will produce Swordfighting, a sitcom about two friendly married couples whose bond is tested when the two wives fall in love with each other, reports Deadline.

Swordfighting, written by Ben McMillan and Josh Greenbaum, will serve as the latest attempt by CW president Mark Pedowitz to reintroduce comedy series on the network. Zadan and Meron are executive-producing the project, which will be produced by CBS TV Studios. Casting for the four leads hasn’t yet been announced.

Veteran producing partners Zadan and Meron have created many LGBT-inclusive television films and series, including Drop Dead Diva and the highly anticipated musical series Smash, which will premiere on NBC in January. Three San Diego Marine corporals have been discharged for bad conduct after admitting they faked their marriages to receive housing allowances.

The three pleaded guilty to stealing from the government through fraud at a special court martial, 1st Lt. Maureen Dooley, a Marine spokeswoman, said Monday.

In the scheme, Cpl. Ashley Vice, who is a lesbian, and her girlfriend, civilian Jaime Murphy, pretended to be married to two male Marines, Cpl. Jeremiah Griffin and Cpl. Joseph Garner.As a result, they got a $1,200 monthly housing stipend meant for married Marines to live off base.

Jezebel: We know you were all itching for more crazy from Pat Robertson, the man who explained to the world that abortion caused Hurricane Katrina. Well, here you go: apparently the reason liberals want to fund Planned Parenthood is so straight women can be barren, like lesbians. Roberston’s bizarro explanation: lesbians can’t have kids, so “if these married women don’t have children, if they abort their babies, then that kind of puts them on a level playing field.” This would be a great way to connect the twin evils of abortion and equality for gay people, if it weren’t for the fact that lesbians can have children, and also that it makes no goddamn sense.


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